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Previous Candidate for United States Representative District 1, Florida

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1031-B Nursery RoadChipley, FL 32428
General (political statement of goals, objectives, views, philosophies)

Right now our government is not working. We have one side against the other with no compromise in sight. We need to be able to use ideas from both side and not have to fight over them. I am a person who is willing to work with both sides to make sure that the American people and those that live in the district have a voice in what is going on in Washington DC. Right now I feel that there is not fair representation of those that are most in need in our country, the middle class. We have jobs being lost, homes being foreclosed on and people being put out on the street just because they are unable to find work. It isn't because they don't want to work it is because there is no work for them to be found. We need policies in place that promote job growth and reward those that create jobs, and the reward for creating job comes after a person is gainfully employed.

Another problem that needs to be taken care of right away is that of the budget and the Federal deficit. We need to have a balanced budget with a plan to pay down the deficit in a way that is not going to hurt the growth in our country. We can not just gut education, Social Security and MediCare. We need to invest in education as our youth are the future for tomorrow and our future leaders. If they are well educated, and I don't mean to a test, then they are going to help make sure that this nation of ours is as great as it can be.

Personal (gender, age, marital status, spouse's name and age, children's name and ages, home town, current residence)

I have been married for the past 21 years and this November it will be 22 years to my wife Rhonda. Both she and I were born in 1964. With her we have an autistic son named Will who is now 19. We currently live in Chipley Fl and have lived in the area for over 21 years.

Education (times and places of schools, colleges, major, degrees, activities, sports)

Commercial Art: Nicholas Co Vocational Technical School, Craigsville, WV (Sep 1980 - Jun 1982) Certificate Program

Profession (professional and work experience outside politics)

Freelance Design: Website Design, Calligraphy, Heraldic Art and Sign as well as blog site reviews

I have also worked as a game level designer and in graphic quality control in the same field.

Military (branch, years of service, active duty experience, highest rank, medals, honors, type and date of discharge)

WVANG - E3 - Honorable

Political (dates and titles of previously held political offices)

A member of the Reform Party of Florida and am involved with it and the Reform Party National Committee

Religion (current and past religious affiliations, beliefs)

I feel that religion is something that is between themselves and their creator, who ever they feel that creator is and it should not be something that is just worn on the sleeve. Religion is also something that should never ever be legislated just as our founding fathers intended.

Accomplishments (significant accomplishments, awards, achievements)

Being married to my wife for almost 22 years.

Reasons & Objectives
Why I Am Running for Public Office

In November of 2011 I was watching C-Span as they were debating a bill that would extend help to those looking for work and to help create jobs and the thing that riled me up the most was the fact that the Republican representatives were saying that nothing would go through the House at all unless they had the Keystone Pipeline on it. While it in itself would create jobs it would be jobs that would have not been wholly for or of Americans and would force Native American Reservations to let the pipeline go through without any regard to their wishes. Just the fact that our elected officials unilaterally decided to hold America hostage made me mad to the point that I could not wait to call the Florida Elections to get my name on the active list of candidates.

I want to represent those that do not have a voice in Congress. I want to represent all the shop owners, all those that are going under due to the economic policies of those that would hold this nation of ours hostage. No person in office has the right to ramrod anything on the American people just to take and help just a very select few that have more concern for their bottom line then they do for the people that are living near them. I care about America and want to see it strong and an economic power that it used to be. I care what happens to my neighbors, my family and my community. Our nation is for all who are citizens and otherwise here legally and not just the playground for Wall Street and banks that want to gamble with the future of America just to pad their bottom line.

I want to represent the people of America and the district, to be their voice on the Hill and work to have a better future for us all.

Source: Drummond (09/15/2012)

Goals If Elected

The first thing I want to do when elected is to work with the members of Congress to come up with a fair and balanced budget so that we can get our country running properly again. That budget would need to include provisions to make sure that Social Security and other Social Services are not thrown to the way side, so that our seniors and those who can not care for themselves are not left out in the cold. The budget would also have to have provisions to help those looking for work and students having the ability to get an education that will actually help them find work.

Once the budget work was done I would then turn my attention to economic programs that have failed. I would introduce legislation to either change them, amend them or to get rid of them. We need certain checks and balances in place to help insure that we do not face another economic break down like the one we are still going through. We need to make sure that those in the financial sector can not gamble with Americas future and economy the way that it has. We can not afford more bailouts due to poor mismanagement from the financial sector. We need to look at those companies that didn't need a hand out and implement the policies that kept them from going under.

We need to protect our future and to make sure the budget is balanced while paying down our debt, making sure our population is well educated and working and making sure that our companies know the right way to do business without killing our nations economy. Those things are what would be the basis of a strong and prosperous future for most Americans and not just for a few.

Source: Drummond (09/15/2012)

Achievements If Elected

I want to start with making sure that the tax loopholes that are allowing our country to be economically bled dry are filled so that we can get our house in order. We need to improve the way that education is done so that everyone has the chance to succeed and that it just not be based on a little box being filled in on a computer test sheet. I will work with both sides of the house to make sure that we get a comprehensive jobs bill in place so that people can get back to work building our country. I will work with those in the House to come up with ways that can make it so that those that were not afforded a good education can still get good jobs that will make them proud to do. If a person is proud of what they are doing then they are going to do it well and with more productivity then even those that are paid more but have less care for their work.

America used to mean that quality was number one and not just how fat a bank account was. Do we want the world to see us all as petty individuals that don't care? I don't think Americans want that at all nor the district I want to represent. Many voters are so jaded with the system that they don't even vote anymore because they feel that their vote wont count at all. Do we want our children to just stand on the side and feel like they will never be worth anything or that their voice and their vote will never count?

I am tired of the way that the two party system is holding this nation hostage when it could be doing so much more to take us to a place where we can hold our heads high and be proud to be an American. To be proud to say that they have a job and are doing it well, to be proud to have a family that they will stick by and they with them. It is time that we get America put back to work and have a government that acts like concerned adults.

Wouldn't you like to see an America free of the bickering and have a nation that you can be proud of? I know that I do and that is why I am running for Congress.

Source: Drummond (09/15/2012)

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